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Precog Finance
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This is Precog Finance

In just a few months since its founding, Precog Finance has evolved from a single idea to an ecosystem of DeFi protocols meant to address and fill in the gaps in the DeFi space that have emerged since the explosion of the industry. Mainly, these include crypto & DeFi arbitrage trading and DeFi derivatives growth; which, on top of presenting a large and growing host of opportunities for traders of such backgrounds, are also areas lacking in decentralized platforms open for all kinds of investors — until now.

Precog Finance is a unique, institutional-grade financial ecosystem that automates arbitrage trading and democratizes access to innovative crypto-derivatives; the former is called Sentient, and the latter, Cerebral. Together they form the backbone of the Precog ecosystem, the key aspects of which include:

  • A real-time protocol with 24/7 functionality and lightning-fast trading speeds.
  • The ability to simulate any trading sequence across multiple platforms and thousands of assets via a machine-learning and AI-assisted algorithm.
  • Passive income avenues for long-term ERC-20 token holders.
  • The option to fund new projects by borrowing Ether (ETH) using their existing portfolio as collateral.
  • Unique short-term and long-term opportunities for traders looking to lend their tokens.
  • A unique DeFi Staking program where the staker becomes a BTC miner and earns rewards in BTC and PCOG tokens.
  • Multichain is the future, and Precog is a multichain DeFi protocol that supports Layer 1 Ethereum blockchain network and Layer 2 Polygon network. The best part is that it’s expandable, and additional chains will be supported in the future.
  • Precog Labs’ mission is to democratize the access to unique and very sophisticated DeFi products that offer solid potential for high returns (yields).

While CEXes offer a combination of these, there is no single decentralized ecosystem besides Precog that currently offers all of the above-mentioned features via decentralized protocols — as Sentient and Cerebral do. Such DeFi tools have long been overdue, which is the reason why Precog Finance exists.

Meet the Core Team

Gehan Rajapakse — CEO

Founder of Precog Finance, Gehan has developed multiple start-ups, and managed and built teams over 20 years. With education grounded in finance and psychology, coupled with operational experience across different industries, Gehan is integral to driving and connecting the different moving parts of the Precog team, including internal team development and external stakeholders.

Artur Goulão Ferreira — CTO

Founder of Utrust (Switzerland) & Coding Libra (Portugal), and also a partner at Obvious Capital (London), Artur has 5+ years in team management and leadership. He heads up the Precog Finance tech department, overseeing both the R&D and tech engineering teams. With his intimate wealth of knowledge across blockchain and DeFi trading alike, he is integral to the architecture and development of the Precog ecosystem.

Mohamed Saleh — Ethereum Lead Developer

Mohamed is an experienced blockchain developer (6+ years), being one of the early adopters of Blockchain technologies (Bitcoin and Ethereum). His expertise covers different aspects and technologies, including smart contracts development, smart contracts security auditing and gas optimization, DeFi/Blockchain enabled solutions architecture and blockchain integrations. He is leading Precog products development over blockchain, making sure that all is up to date with the market.

Steven Roussanov — CBDO

Steven has taken Marketing, BD and Technical roles in electronic finance and algorithmic trading equities, forex, and crypto for over 20 years combined. He works on the business development of the company and acquiring partnerships. He is also in charge of fundraising, developing Investor Relations, as well Institutional & HNWI Clients Marketing & Sales.

Eden Spivakovsky — Strategic Advisor

20+ years of experience delivering growth strategies, corporate transactions and new ventures for leading financial institutions. Eden is currently focused on Precog’s growth strategy and execution (fundraising, BD strategy, and client acquisition).

Abhishek G. — Financial Engineer

With a dual Masters in Financial Engineering and Business Administration from the prestigious IIT (Delhi, India), Abhishek is a seasoned consultant, with over a decade of experience in providing advisory services for mathematical and quantitative research of financial products and markets. He also helps with analysis and operations to the R&D department, as well as developing and deploying high growth strategies.

Andres Maes — Algorithm Engineer

With a Master's degree in Computer Science, Andres is passionate about algorithms and he specializes in AI. He is designing, developing and deploying the automated arbitrage trading engine.

Matias Molina — Data Scientist

With a Ph.D. in Computer Science, Matías has gathered experience as a software developer, university teacher and data scientist & machine learning consultant for 5+ years. He is an expert in Machine Learning with a focus on supervised learning and transfer learning for classification. At Precog, he researches and implements trading algorithms within the team — more specifically, he is in charge of analyzing the data and revising the literature to improve different strategies.

Can Inellioglu — Marketing and Partnerships Manager

With an engineering background in Germany, Can has been Crypto savvy and highly active in the space for 6+ years. He has provided various marketing and business development services to many Blockchain companies, ranging from Startups to Global Exchanges. He’s focused on creating and developing a Marketing Plan & Outreach Strategies, as well as being in touch with KOLs and Influencers.

Marta Moya — Social Media Manager

With 5+ years of experience in Social Media, Marta is an energetic and motivated manager with a thorough understanding of social media, content marketing, audience engagement and community building strategies. She is highly organized and skilled at finding new ways to enhance visitors’ experiences. She likes to work closely with everyone at Precog to understand what the brand is about, and help them develop and execute a proactive, social content calendar to help them increase brand awareness and investors.

Pollen Chakma — Head of UX/UI

With 7+ years in the field, Pollen is a UX/UI designer and cutting-edge technology lover. He helps clients to fill the gap between business, design and development, converting crazy ideas into visual language. Dedicated to staying up to date on new design trends and techniques.

Our Vision

To supplement the underdeveloped aspects of DeFi trading such as in arbitrage and derivatives, and in the process, further enable and extend the capabilities and reach of DeFi traders.

Our Mission

To provide powerful, sophisticated, and AI-assisted protocols, platforms and tools that can effectively recognize, take advantage of, and solve opportunities and problems across the DeFi space.

The Strategy

By releasing robust and constantly-evolving products in an interoperable ecosystem that is connected to both Centralized and Decentralized exchanges across multiple blockchain networks, we can supplement both established and emerging DeFi economies and their users.

Our Goal

To develop and expand the Precog Finance ecosystem by releasing and subsequently improving Sentient and Cerebral, and to establish sufficient decentralization through governance, primarily enabled by the PCOG token.

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Precog Finance

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