Sentient News

Sentient News — What Awaits in March and April from Precog Finance


Our team has been hard at work; from perfecting the algorithm to designing a smooth and easy-to-use UI, the journey towards a completed and polished Sentient is one we would like to openly document and share with our community. By following our Gitbook, you’ll be able to access and keep track of all the changes, tweaks, and updates we implement on our products.


Alongside Sentient’s development, we have initiated a series of penetration tests on the protocol, which began in March. These tests are meant to locate and exploit any possible cracks in the code, which will then be followed with a fix and further testing for thorough results. To further demonstrate our commitment to security, Sentient is simultaneously being tested by one of the top auditing firms in the industry — the details of which will be released shortly upon conclusion.

Beta in Sight

We’ve also drawn up plans to release a non-audited beta version of Sentient sometime during early April! Doing so would allow users to familiarize themselves with the Dapp before the official launch, and gather a sense of the Precog Finance ecosystem. More importantly, the feedback gathered from this event would serve to supplement the development and security of Sentient by weighing in the invaluable opinion of the community.

No Stone Unturned

In our quest to deliver a unique and innovative Dapp for the greater DeFi marketplace, we have decided to adopt a thorough, comprehensive and consistent approach to the development process, as to ensure no compromises are made to superficially hit milestones. One of our main priorities lies in the security of our protocol, and as a result, we have taken numerous measures to ensure the funds of investors are safe from malicious intent — chiefly, by choosing the best audit company available to analyze our work.

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