Precog Finance Whitepaper V2 Overhaul

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3 min readJun 16, 2022


Precog Finance Whitepaper V2 Overhaul

It is said that the only constant in life is change and that even the sturdiest of structures eventually succumb to the weight of time. From physical matter to abstract ideas and emotions, and from great events to the tiniest mechanisms; the way everything is intertwined makes it such that when one thing changes, a cascade effect follows.

If we were to ground ourselves in our own reality, the planet and life we are all too familiar with, we find the same principles in place. We’ve learned through countless examples that the only way to thrive and persist is by not resisting change, but rather by embracing it — by evolving and adapting according to our needs.

So too has Precog Finance changed since its conception, and what started as a single protocol is now evolving into a developing ecosystem of interconnected DeFi products. The combination of constant improvements, realizations of new opportunities, and changes within and outside the project has led to this moment, which now calls for a new whitepaper that reflects the upgrades, advancements, and expansion of Precog Finance.

Whitepapers are often oversimplified as an introductory document for a project — a presentation of sorts. While that is one of its practical uses, the vital roles a whitepaper plays in DeFi is beyond just that. For a project to be properly introduced, it has to be adequately contextualized; and to do this, the solutions it offers to the problems that persist need to be put into perspective.

By doing so, new ideas are conveyed to the reader that places the world of DeFi and Blockchain under a different lens. To do so successfully, one would require a well-structured whitepaper that uses the right language and pacing to deliver and paint an accurate image in the mind. In addition, the claims made within this document need to be backed up with the right facts, sources, and references, to provide an evidence-based view and approach to the matter being addressed.

So while the main intent is an introduction, a project may choose to go out of its way to deliver a well-constructed whitepaper that educates as much as it presents, and informs as much as it promotes. One of our main focal points over the past few months at Precog Finance has been revamping our whitepaper and overhauling it according to the points and principles laid out above.

If you don’t like spoilers, click here to read our new WP!

What’s New

After months of hard work, our new whitepaper is finally ready for publishing. With constant review processes, we have polished every corner of this pivotal document before resting it upon its rightful throne on our webpage. The intent is to pave the way for the release of Sentient and later, Cerebral, and finally establish the Precog Finance as envisioned, described, and detailed in our upcoming whitepaper.

The new whitepaper features not only a better-defined protocol with higher levels of clarity and description but also a lot more contextual background to put Precog Finance into a better perspective. This includes making a more adequate distinction between Sentient and Cerebral for instance, and further expanding upon them to highlight their differences both in terms of function and nature.

Since a lot has developed since our beginnings, many aspects of our work have been revisited and revised for accuracy and relevancy. This includes the $PCOG token which, with every product update, has seen its use-cases in the Precog Finance ecosystem grow and develop.

We have also decided to include the diverse set of invaluable team members and the roles they’ve played in bringing the project to fruition. Better charts, more formulae, better pacing… we firmly believe that a whitepaper should be able to properly encapsulate more than just a project because if there’s one thing that’s better than informing, it is inspiring new ideas among readers, and fueling innovation on as many layers as possible.

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