Partnerships, exchanges and investors — An AMA with Steven, our CBDO

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8 min readSep 19, 2022
Partnerships, exchanges and investors — An AMA with Steven, our CBDO | PRECOG FINANCE

Alex.Precog — Good afternoon @everyone! And welcome to the third live text AMA with @Steven (CBDO) — our Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO). This will be done in 2 parts:

Part 1 — Questions I have set ready to go.

Part 2 — We will take questions from the audience. Please, do not type anything before we get to Part 2.

Steven (CBDO) — Thanks @Alex.Precog! Hi everyone, I’m very excited to be here!

Alex.Precog — Many thanks for taking some time away from your busy schedule to be with us here today.

Steven (CBDO) — Not at all, it is a great privilege to meet our community, and a ton of fun too.

Part 1 — Steven Roussanov as Precog Finance’s CBDO

Alex.Precog — Please tell us about your background. Maybe you can give a short story about your journey up to now?

Steven (CBDO) — Sure, Alex. I’m originally from Bulgaria and my non-traditional educational path took me through China, where I learned the language and completed a couple of years of college. Later on, I transferred and graduated in Finance in the US, in New York, where I continued working on Wall Street for Electronic Equities (Stocks) and Derivatives trading. I began just when algos were starting and I was very involved in testing and configuring in those early years of automatic trading.

Later, I worked in Forex trading and developed many algos as part of my job, but Forex is a mature market and any performing algo doesn’t last long, with most in the forex (and even crypto) markets to this day being scams or extremely risky and fragile martingale double-downs.

Blockchain attracted me mainly because of democratization. I have been involved full-time since 2017. However, even in crypto whales still get most of the benefits and Precog was offering a solution like no other, so I joined the team last year and here I am.

Alex.Precog — Wow, you have traveled the world! This sounds exciting!

Steven (CBDO) — Yeah I was lucky to have this opportunity and I grabbed it. It is much more exciting than staying in one place immo.

Alex.Precog — How exactly did you start working for Precog? What brought your attention to this company?

Steven (CBDO) — I joined just over a year ago now. I have been planning on developing crypto algos for a while, but there are many challenges as there are opportunities. Precog demonstrated not just the right idea but an extremely capable team of engineers and quants, high and above my modest math and programming levels.

But most importantly, it was our CEO’s vision and Precog’s long-run path, and our community. For example, we are often asked why not just do it ourselves and in-house — we have the golden egg in Sentient generating profits non-stop without further investment — which I often suggested at the project start but our CEO is adamant that we want to share the benefits with the community, provide a true democratic ability for anyone to profit from the high-tech and know-how that only whales can afford.

The main reason — we are not a one-trick pony. We have many other exciting things coming. Also, we do benefit too, through our team-allocated PCOG tokens. So this is it in a (large and long) nutshell.

Alex.Precog — That is so true. The Precog team is just outstanding! Love the ‘one-trick pony’ comparison. Maybe you can give us a sneak peek at other projects and products that are valuable to the community?

Steven (CBDO) — Haha — I don’t wanna get in trouble for leaks but by now most of you have probably heard about Cerebral — just as Sentient, it will be democratic and available to anyone on a budget. Crypto derivatives and wraps with low spreads and fees, the largest variety and liquidity, and the ability to create your own virtually free are just some of the exciting things cooking in the Cerebral pot.

Alex.Precog — We all can not wait for these further developments! Coming back to your position… Please tell us, what are you currently working on?

Steven (CBDO) — Gladly! There are three main things I am currently involved in as CBDO:

1. Fundraising for our Private Round. This was a challenging time, but with the innate strength of Precog and a huge help from the entire team (especially Marketing), we managed to complete our large investment round successfully!

2. Exchange listings. We have been negotiating with top exchanges and are going to be listed soon. That means liquidity and popularity for PCOG.

3. Actual Business Development. Sentient is rolling out soon as well and we have a number of large projects and communities eager to join our ecosystem already as well as many on the pipeline.

Alex.Precog — Are you allowed to mention some names here? Or shall we still keep the drum rolls?

Steven (CBDO) — Hmmm I might be, but I need to check with the boss. How about this — stay tuned and we will have you all in the know asap!

Alex.Precog — Sounds great! Meanwhile, I was thinking the other day and was keen on knowing your point of view… Does the crypto and blockchain world give you freedom?

Steven (CBDO) — What a great question — absolutely! If only for the free and secure account registrations in wallets and exchanges, the fast and low-cost transfers worldwide, digital jobs and other sources of income, and so on.

Alex.Precog — Interesting. Do you think machines help us nowadays to feel secure and with our own identity in a way?

Steven (CBDO) — I’ve always been opposed to “The Machine” or “The Man” or “The Eye in the Sky”, and the financial institutions’ greed. Crypto is, if I may say, showing them the finger and benefitting potentially every common person. Democratization is key!

To answer your question, no. The big socials and web companies often track, exploit and squeeze us despite the continuous uproar. Crypto will fix this. It’s a process. The WWW did not start in a day despite people thinking it would in 2000. The .com boom is coming with Web 3.0 and 4.0 and so on.

I am very optimistic and excited about that, actually.

Alex.Precog — As iPhone 14 was just released. New numbers, new development.

Steven (CBDO) — Nah, Apple is one of the worst haha. Sorry Apple fans — Androids are open source and Apple is locked and restricted more than the Bastille. Google is even worse if that makes you happier!

Alex.Precog — Haha I see… A challenging one here for you: if you had to describe Precog in just ONE word, what would that be?

Steven (CBDO) Democratization.

Part 2 — Questions from the audience

Alex.Precog — Thank you for a great explanation of Precog! We are officially opening part 2! Please @everyone looking forward to your questions and comments.

Steven (CBDO) — Hit me up, friends. Look forward to the challenging ones!

@Jack… — Is there a direct competitor for Precog? And, if so, what is Precog’s competitive advantage?

Steven (CBDO) — I don’t think there is a direct competitor, and one of the reasons is that even if there was, they would keep it greedily to themselves and wouldn’t let us know. There are a number of “bots” or “arbitrage AI”, etc. But you should be very careful with these, at least on the scale and level of the things we are doing that I am aware of.

@Jack… — Got it, sir. I’ll be very wary of this one.

@Do you dream of me? — I’m just new here. How far are we from the launch of Sentient? And what can we do to make the launch start sooner?

Steven (CBDO) — The front end is near completion and then middleware may take an extra few weeks. The backend is Sentient itself, which is READY guys and only getting better through self-learning and expert optimization. But all three are needed for public launch so stay tuned!

@Do you dream of me? — Got it, mate.

@aizawhattodu — Do you know when Sentient and Cerebral will be fully functional?

@CryptoWoman — Yeah I also share the same question I actually saw a post on Twitter about you guys & I was amazed about this feature.

Alex.Precog — First will be Sentient, just around the corner. Cerebral comes next.

@aizawhattodu — Thanks for clarifying this one.

@CryptoWoman — Whom are you planning to partner with next?

Steven (CBDO) — I can say that these will be large communities and projects we are working with, which will be mutually beneficial for both of our communities.

@CryptoWoman — Perfect! Looking forward to your future developments.

@Jack… — Anyways, you guys are still having an ICO on CoinCodex, right? When will this ICO end?

Steven (CBDO) — Nice catch — we aren’t having an ICO and not sure who put this on Coincodex but will take it down.

Alex.Precog — We are running out of time. So this will be the last one. It is great to see such interest and engagement! I know Steven is really good at presenting and sharing information. His fingers should be really tired now by typing also!

@aizawhattodu — What’s your take on the ETH merge given that the platform integrated polygon?

Steven (CBDO) — This is a question for tech; however, Polygon is a fantastic improvement on ERC speed and costs.

Alex.Precog — We will have soon AMA with our tech team, so you get more information. Please stay tuned! We will post everything on the ‘announcements’ channel.

@aizawhattodu — Okay thanks, I’m looking forward to that.

Steven (CBDO) — Thanks everyone really happy to be here with you and we should do this more often from now on.

@jenlopser — Looking forward to another AMA!

@Jack… — Nice! I’m looking forward to the next AMA. I really enjoyed it.

Alex.Precog — Thank you guys! Really appreciate your interest!

@jenlopser — It would be nice to do it on Twitter or Telegram next time.

Alex.Precog — We run it also on Twitter and we are opening our podcast as well!



Steven (CBDO) — Have a great weekend, friends. Talk to you soon!

Alex.Precog — Thank you so much @Steven (CBDO)!!!

@Jack… — Nice meeting you guys as well.

Alex.Precog — Thanks for your time and enjoy the rest of your day!

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