PrecogU: Illuminating Web3’s Biggest Gap

PrecogU: Illuminating Web3’s Biggest Gap | PRECOG FINANCE

Knowledge is power. Whether you’re striving for personal success, or building something that goes beyond individuality and one’s personal gain, there’s no denying that being armed with knowledge drastically increases your odds of success. One could argue that at some point, knowledge isn’t merely supplemental but a necessity to undertake specific actions and tasks.

There’s a reason why some of the wealthiest countries around the world not only subsidize their education but also take many measures to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the systems they have in place. Similarly, many individuals, organizations, and institutions also create and contribute to scholarship programs to incentivize and enable those with the talent and passion for knowledge.

This is because of the essential role knowledge plays in our societies and our progress as a species — a well-known fact. One of the many differentiators that set us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom is our innate and ever-hungry curiosity and our ability to utilize what we know for our personal benefit.

It also helps that the more we know, the more technologies we invent that allow us to study and observe the world around us to a greater extent. We begin to see new things, gain fresh perspectives, and, best of all, realize that despite all our progress, there’s so much more to the reality that we do not yet understand.

Blockchain Has a Problem

Although blockchain technology has been around for well over a decade now, the speed at which it is evolving and adapting has made it almost unrecognizable from what it was back in 2008. Web3? Metaverse? NFTs? Who would have thought that a Peer-to-Peer digital cash system would inspire so many concepts?

And that’s the other half of the problem; although the core technology itself may be fundamentally the same, so many concepts and ideas have been built on top of the original foundation. While this isn’t a bad thing — far from it — it can make Web3 appear intimidating to newcomers.

But even those within the spheres of the newly-emerging decentralized web have shown difficulty understanding specific ideas, or how they function underneath the hood. While some may understand the differences between, say, a Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake blockchain, they may not understand the underlying technology that makes each system work.

It Gets Worse

The problem isn’t exclusive to end users and community members; in fact, some might argue that that’s the least of our concerns. Right now, in this trillion-Dollar industry, there is a massive talent gap that undermines and hinders the progress of Web3 as a whole.

Ask any project lead, or anyone working for a blockchain-based project, and they’ll all sing the same song. Developers, marketers, copywriters, community managers… etc, there is a growing demand for talent to fill in these various roles that are crucial for the industry to thrive and yet… supply is short.

There are numerous factors that contribute to this shortage, however, one stands out above the rest. Although there are vast libraries of resources that can help newcomers get up to speed, the manner in which they’re organized, how they pace through all the material, or the areas in which they lack, can, unfortunately, make them a little disorienting, confusing, and ineffective.

Furthermore, very few of these platforms offer job opportunities to those looking to work and gain experience in the blockchain industry. A go-to platform that is both informative and ripe with job opportunities is the ideal gateway to introduce a new generation of talent to build and develop the decentralized web.

Introducing PrecogU

The idea for an educational platform offered by Precog Finance was born when we became aware of the dangers that posed to Web3 due to the shortage of competent, educated, and knowledgeable people available to help flourish the decentralized web at such a crucial and delicate stage.

Aspiring users will be able to choose from a selection of courses designed to arm them with the knowledge required to work in and contribute to Web3 and bring it to the forefront of technological, social, and financial progress. Those who complete our courses will gain access to job opportunities where they can begin their journey in the blockchain space.

Knowledge can exponentially grow like a snowballing force of progress, but the lack thereof is no different than a drought in an otherwise lush and vivid ecosystem. It falls upon us all — Web3 projects and users alike — to look after the well-being of this beautiful space and help it grow every step so that the world, in turn, can turn the pages to a new, fruitful, and decentralized chapter in human history.

How did you brush up your knowledge on crypto? Let us know! Or, you can learn more about Precog Finance via the links below:

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