AMA with Precog Finance’s CEO, Gehan Rajapakse

AMA with Precog Finance’s CEO, Gehan Rajapakse

Last Thursday, our CEO Gehan Rajapakse, got in touch with our community, responding to some important questions. Here you can see the summary and the main questions asked.


NCrypt30 — Good afternoon @everyone! And welcome to the first live text AMA with @Gehan — CEO. We will do this in 3 parts:

Part 1 — Specific on Gehan.

Part 2 — Specific on Precog Finance.

Part 3 — We will take questions from the audience (if you can please don’t type before we get to this part).

First of all, welcome Gehan and thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to be with us all today.

Gee Hello everyone, I’m very excited to be here today. Thank you to everyone that has taken the time to come and have a chat.


NCrypt30 — Ok let’s get cracking!

First, maybe it would be good to let the community know what background you come from, and what skillsets you have.

Gee My background in education. I studied a double degree in Finance and Psychology, and am currently halfway through my MBA. My background in terms of career has seen me come through the gauntlet of multiple startup businesses across hospitality, property, and tech — both working for others and myself.

In terms of my skillset — I would say I’m a generalist in my work experience. Over the years being able to wear multiple hats within a singular role has always been my advantage over others. Being able to understand all parts of a business is necessary to assist in planning and developing each department. I’ve always been fascinated by the fact that conductors such as Hans Zimmerman can play each instrument in his orchestra, enabling him to direct his “team” as a whole. Overall, I’m a people person and love interacting with the team, while I also really enjoy conceptual work and deep strategy design.

NCrypt30 — Fantastic response, and from the way you come across over voice AMAs, I can see that you love interacting with people. It appears you have been through many paths in life, what is your end goal in life?

Gee End goal in life — I guess that’s always a question that always stumped me. This is a complex question that can be open-ended; however, it is ultimately to be happy and free. Free of negativity, free of harm, free of toxicity. Happiness is not necessarily monetary; it’s about building a community of friends and family that encourages each other to lift one another. Cause and effect start with you.

One thing I’ve learned is to have a general idea of the end goal; however, it’s much more important to enjoy the journey of getting there. The process is what I have learned to love more than the end goal itself. It keeps me engaged to the “now”, and much more powerful gratification when I love the process and develop ideas from concept to reality. And more importantly, the journey is like a road trip — you’re doing it with people you love and trust. This is a big part of the goal — developing friends and family you respect, laugh with, and create with.

NCrypt30 — I totally agree, it’s a very tough question. I agree on building a community to lift one another, and from my own experiences, it is the people around you that make life a happier place. Sometimes money cannot buy happiness, although it helps :).

What made you interested in Cryptocurrency in the first place? And why do you think specifically investing in DeFi is important?

I guess an easier way to put that, is what is DeFi to you, and why are you so interested in that space?

Gee Great question @NCrypt30, and this stems from your previous comment that “money cannot buy happiness, although it helps”. I was first introduced to cryptocurrency early in 2012, however never took it seriously until 2017 when I learned more about blockchain itself — extremely revolutionary, with widespread application and potential. With technology like this, while the underlying concept was very powerful, it takes mass adoption to be truly valuable.

Applied to finance, we are essentially seeing the disruption of a global system that has been virtually untouched for over 400 years. Technology has increased the access and useability of traditional finance over the past few decades; however, now blockchain is here to revolutionize it like never before. So many inefficiencies will be alleviated, and full transparency will allow less corruption and reduce agency issues. I believe we have a lot of progress to still make, although traditional finance had 400 years and it still doesn’t work for everyone. DeFi has only had a few years and has made great strides, I’m very excited to see the abundant innovation over the coming years ahead.

Hence going back to your last comment — DeFi to me is an amazing technology that will allow people to increase their wealth, enough to enable them to generally live a happier life — one that they can lift their friends, family, and community in a connected and decentralized way. And I’m extremely happy to be a part of this movement.

If we can change one person’s life in a positive way, we’ve done a good thing. We have the opportunity to change many people’s lives across the world, and this is a rare and beautiful objective to achieve, all through DeFi.

NCrypt30 — Great response, we will talk a little more about DeFi in particular further on. But for now, when you first started investing, were you initially in stocks or did you come straight into Crypto? I am interested to know what your first investment was that dragged you into Crypto.

Gee My primary investment journey has always favored direct projects and businesses — something I can back myself on. However, in terms of investment portfolios, yes traditional stocks were my first rodeo. My first step into Crypto was purely out of FOMO seeing some friends make some big strides with Bitcoin and the growth patterns it was showing. My first purchases were Bitcoin and Ripple at the time.

NCrypt30 — Ha I think everyone has owned XRP at some point!


NCrypt30 — Ok that’s the end of Round 1 folks. Let’s get into the juicy parts and find out about Precog Finance: How did you start this project, and what encouraged you to do so?

Gee — Precog has been an evolving concept over time and a combination of ideas from our talented team. Decentralized derivatives were emerging in a big way, with Bitcoin futures exceeding trade volumes of spot for the first time a few years ago. If they were meant to grow similar to the traditional finance derivatives market, we wanted to develop products to capture this value. Ideas turned into concepts, and finally to the point of onboarding talents that currently form our R&D team to build out the mechanics. Hence Precog was born, and now has over time developed into Sentient and Cerebral, which we couldn’t be happier with the outcome, and, also extremely proud of the team and advisors that have developed it.

NCrypt30 — I have to say the people forming the R&D team are exceptional. That leads me to my next question, can you give us a brief breakdown of what Sentient & Cerebral are setting out to achieve?

Gee Yes, they are indeed! I feel privileged to work with great minds like these guys. I still remember our first few months in the “bunker” — talking strategy and concepts — it was so inspiring.

The idea for Sentient is purely a play on passive income liquidity pool protocols. It’s a product for both currently active Crypto investors, and the mass cohort of people entering the space who do not know how to trade. We have essentially plucked the best trading strategies straight from Wallstreet and put it on blockchain for EVERYONE to access and benefit. Whether you live in NYC or in a country where you don’t have access to traditional markets to create wealth, with Sentient you can access this through blockchain from anywhere in the world, and let our proprietary algorithm do the work for you.

We noticed that there was an increasing volume of institutional and sophisticated investors gravitating to Crypto — so we developed Cerebral to cater to this market. Cerebral is a very sophisticated decentralized derivative platform where users can trade crypto derivatives, and the community votes on how to mint and deploy — essentially democratizing sophisticated financial products.

Sentient and Cerebral are the initial token driver of the Precog Token Ecosystem. As you all probably know, Precog is a Token based Economy at its essence, and these products are what generate demand for the PCOG Token.

NCrypt30 — Very in-depth response and token demand as we all know is a key fundamental. Let’s finish this part by giving one word that defines Precog for you.

And finally, any Alpha you care to leak?

Gee — One word! Haha so much to say… here are a few:






As for Alpha, all I can say, for now, is that we are at the final stages of testing Sentient, and that we are finalizing our IEO listing at a major tier 1 exchange!

With this, we are also signing an agreement with one of the global leaders of liquidity providers and market makers worldwide.

There are some major developments on top of this, but details will be released at the appropriate time— stay tuned for some big things ahead.

NCrypt30 — Well I can say I am very confident that Precog will be very successful when the release of Sentient comes out and we are super excited about that. Below I have put a video for everyone to watch on how Sentient & Cerebral will be taking advantage of price inefficiencies.


That is the end of Part 2. We will now take a few questions from the audience. Please feel free to type your question.

BTCinging — How many tokens are you selling during private sales?

GeeHi @BTCinging, the private sale consists of 16 million PCOG tokens. The token allocation can be seen on our website.

NeverEverGoing — Are you going to become DAO-governed in the future?

Gee@NeverEverGoing great question — yes, we endeavor to gravitate towards a DAO-governed future. However, we have a lot of work to ensure that the system is bullet-proof and sustainable for all into the long term. We will release more about the road map towards this goal as it develops.

Edwardineg — Wen pre-sale ser? (sorry but I had to)

Gee Yes inevitable question, and one that we will have an announcement for after we’ve finalized & concreted the major IEO listing first. Very exciting times!

flourishman — Do you think that Sentient will become exponentially better since it’s based on an AI Algorithm?

Gee Absolutely — AI machine learning has assisted significantly and will continue to do so moving forward to continually optimize yields.

NCrypt30 Can you elaborate to the community on Dr. Alan Miller's role in the company and what input he has already had if any?

GeeYes, we’re extremely humbled to have Dr. Alan Miller on our advisory board. While we have developed an amazingly talented team, I’ve identified that the growth of the company’s success lies in the inherent knowledge base underneath one roof. Dr. Alan Miller has a wealth of experience with algorithm development and big data applications working at a government level and in many private enterprises. He will be essential to igniting new ideas and grow strategies with the existing R&D team for both Sentient and also developing Cerebral algorithms, as we move into finalizing the products for commercial release.

NCrypt30 — Perfect thanks!

Right guys, that’s it for this AMA, I’d like to thank Gee for taking the time out of his past midnight morning to interact with us.

There will be more AMAs and developments to come very very soon.

GeeThank you everyone for joining — was great to engage with you all & hopefully give you some insight into our part of the world!

Join our next AMAs with our other talented members, and learn more about Precog Finance via the links below:




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