Precog Finance was formed to bring groundbreaking innovations to the Decentralized Crypto Derivatives trading market.

Slated for release in the short-term is Sentient, our basis trading solution, the key features of which are set out below:

DeFi trading protocol - a sophisticated trading solution that allows any user to invest using different assets (USDC, USDT, etc...) into a basis trading landscape.

Powered by AI - a highly advanced algorithm backed by machine learning and AI, which continually scans market conditions and employs proven trading strategies, generating profits for the investors directly.

▪ Optimized by experts – the protocol is continually optimized by our expert team of Financial Engineers, Algorithm Specialists, Machine Learning and AI specialists. The main job of our team is to improve and optimise the algorithm on cycles basis to generate more profit. As such, the team will continue working to get the best results 365 days a year.

▪ Governed by our community - new strategies are systematically implemented to maximize yield and improve capital efficiency, in consultation with the community. We will release DAO tokens to investors and token holders to enable voting on proposed enhancements.

▪ Unique staking program - which allows stakers to earn BTC in addition to our PCOG tokens.

Following the launch of Sentient, we will release our decentralized crypto derivatives platform Cerebral. This will provide a superior user experience compared to current exchanges and facilitate the trading and leveraging of new underlying asset types such as NFTs.

Our key points of differentiation:

◈ Superior expected annual returns compared to existing APYs

◈ More than a basis trading solution, with a DeFi Derivatives Exchange in development

◈ Ethereum based protocol (unlike Lemma)

◈ An expert team working 24/7 to optimize each solution

◈ Unique tokenomics (see Tokenomics section below)

Sentient is launching soon... Stay tunned!

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